Thursday 12:00 PM ET

Canada vs Netherlands




Thursday 12:00 PM ET

New Zealand vs Cameroon




Thursday 3:00 PM ET

USA vs Sweden




Thursday 3:00 PM ET

Chile vs Thailand





Saturday 3:00 PM ET

Australia vs Norway




Wager cut off: 2019 20th June 12:00 PM




Wager cut off: 2019 20th June 3:00 PM



2019 Women’s World Cup Match Day 1 Odds & Preview

The 2019 Women’s World Cup Match Day 1 starts on Friday, June 7. From Friday through next Tuesday, the first group of matches take place. France kicks it off against South Korea on Friday. Check out the 2019 Women’s World Cup Match Day 1 odds and a preview for each day of action!

2019 Women’s World Cup Match Day 1 Odds & Preview

  • When: June 7 – July 7
  • Where: France
  • Live Stream: FuboTV

Friday, June 7

Republic of Korea vs France

France is a major favorite to beat South Korea on June 7. The French offer +350 odds to win the World Cup. France demolished their opponents during qualifying. They might be the deepest team in the tournament while their fans will, no doubt, back them throughout.

South Korea has almost zero chance of keeping this one close. Back the French on the handicap if you want to play this match.

Saturday, June 8

South Africa vs Spain

Spain is one of the top up and coming women’s soccer programs. The Spanish finished 20th at the 2015 World Cup. They’re much better than that. Spain will dominate South Africa.

Nigeria vs Norway

Nigeria is a decent team, but Norway appears to have too much quality. The Norwegians should win outright. If you want to take a shot, consider playing the draw at +422. Norway should win. Nigeria, if they want, could try and keep this close and pick up points against South Korea later.

China vs Germany

Germany offers excellent, overlay odds to beat China. Laying $333 to win $100 seems like a bad bet, but the Germans should have no trouble beating China by at least one goal on Saturday.

Sunday, June 9

Jamaica vs Brazil

Jamaica lost by 6 goals to the United States when they played that team. Brazil doesn’t have the same talent that the USA  has. Still, they should beat Jamaica by at least 2 goals.

Italy vs Australia

Italy can hang with Australia. This could be one of those matches that deserves upset consideration. The Italians offer great odds to win this match. The draw at +281 is also a decent option.

Scotland vs England

England has already been over played to beat rival Scotland. The English can win the World Cup, but one of the top midfielders in women’s soccer, Kim Little, plays for England. The English should beat Scotland, but the odds are much too low. The draw is attractive at +418.

Monday, June 10

Japan vs Argentina

Japan has a lot of young players. Argentina doesn’t appear good enough to take advantage, though. Japan should beat the Argentinians. There’s a chance these two nations play to a draw. So, consider that wager if you’re looking for value.

Cameroon vs Canada

Canada has no business not beating Cameroon by at least 3 goals. The Canadians are a dark horse to win the 2019 Women’s World Cup. They should dominate Cameroon on Monday.

Tuesday, June 11

Sweden vs Chile

Sweden, like Canada, has a dark horse chance of beating the United States, France, Germany, and England for the World Cup trophy. They should handle Chile. Back the Swedes on the handicap to squeeze out as much value as you can.

Thailand vs USA

Thailand offers the highest odds, +150000, of any team in the 2019 Women’s World Cup to win the tournament. The USA offers the lowest odds. There’s a chance the American beat the Thais by 6 or more goals.

Netherlands vs New Zealand

The draw might be the way to go when the Netherlands takes on New Zealand. The draw odds are +384. The Netherlands should win, but New Zealand might try to force a draw. Strategically, New Zealand has a much better shot against Cameroon in Group E. They could try to force a draw on Tuesday and try to beat Cameroon when they play them later on in the tournament.

2019 Women’s World Cup Odds

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