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Logan Paul Odds, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Boxing Prop Bets | Paul Brothers Betting

Logan Paul Odds, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Boxing Prop Bets | Paul Brothers Betting

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Logan Paul Odds, & Prop Bets

Logan Paul Odds

Logan Paul Odds

Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber, internet personality, and boxer which we can bet on.

Basic Logan Paul Stats

Born: Logan Alexander Paul / April 1, 1995
Nickname: The Maverick
Weight: Cruiserweight

Boxing Record

1 0 0 1 0
Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: 5 Things Ben Must Do to Win It All

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: 5 Things Ben Must Do to Win It All

What once was a sideshow has become one of the most intriguing and possibly competitive boxing matches of the year. At first, most expected Jake Paul to pummel former UFC fighter Ben Askren. But as the weeks have passed and as more and as more fans and boxing handicappers have heard Ben Askren speak about the match, the odds have changed. JP is now a -120 chalk when he was as low as a -175 favorite. Late money is going to Askren. 

Last week, we wrote about what Jake must do to beat Ben. In this blog, we’re going to write about what Ben must do to beat JP. Check out the five things Ben Askren must do to ensure the referee raises his arm on April 17. Let’s get right to it so you can continue planning your bets against their Boxing odds

5 Things Ben Askren Have to Do to Get the Victory Over Jake Paul

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Fight Info

5 Keys for a Ben Askren Victory

  • Close the gap

Tall, lengthy boxers like Jake Paul throw power punches with distance. If Paul doesn’t have enough distance to throw his thundering punches, Jake won’t win this fight.

So what Ben must do, something he knows he must do, is close the gap between himself and Paul. Doing so means that Jake must shorten his punches. Only the most skilled heavyweights, think Tyson Fury, can do that.

In fact, if you watch Fury’s bouts versus Deontay Wilder, you’ll notice that Deontay had trouble landing with power when he didn’t throw with distance. Paul could have the same issue.

  • Stick to JP’s chest

The closer Ben keeps Jake to him, the better it is for the former college wrestling star. Askren, no doubt, knows how to throw short punches. So if he can stick to Jake’s chest, he’ll have a huge advantage.

  • Put the arms and hands inside of JP’s

This goes with sticking to Jake Paul’s chest. It’s not enough to for Ben to put his forehead on Paul’s chest. He must also work to have inside position, placing his hands and arms inside of Jake’s.

Doing so prevents JP from pushing Jake off and landing punches. So if Askren can get inside position with his arms, and stick to Jake’s chest, the fight could be over. 

Ben needs only a few inches to throw punches that score while, like we wrote above, Jake requires distance to throw his best punches. Also, leaning on JP throughout the fight will tire out the bigger and less experienced combat sports athlete.  

  • Throw body shots and uppercuts

If Askren gets inside position and Paul has his arms to the outside of Ben’s, the uppercut will be there. Hopefully for Ben’s sake, his trainers have taught him how to throw an effective uppercut. 

JP won’t know what hit him because he’s never been hit with a truly powerful uppercut. Ben should also pound Jake’s body with short punches. Again, Jake has never gotten hit hard in the midsection. We don’t know how he’ll respond if it happens.

  • Don’t just clinch, use the elbows and shoulders

Sounds counter-intuitive but clinching should be the last thing Ben Askren does. What he should do is make the fight dirty.

How? Ben must use his elbows, forearms, shoulders, forehead and whatever else he’s got to lean on Paul, push JP around the ring, and wear JP down.

Then, when he must, he should clinch, but he should clinch like a wrestler, not wrapping Paul up like a boxer, but clinching with force by leaning into JP and forcing his body weight onto Jake.

Doing the five things listed doesn’t guarantee a Ben Askren win. But it does put him in the best position for a victory. April 17 is just about here. 

Next week, we’ll write an article where we make picks for the match. Askren versus Paul is just around the corner!

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Odds and Lines:  Jake Paul -120 | Specials | Props

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