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Montreal Canadiens Odds | 2019 NHL Betting Lines

NHL - Oct 17

Thu 17 Oct
Thu 17 Oct



07:05 PM

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Montreal Canadiens Odds

Montreal Canadiens Odds

2019 Montreal Canadiens Headlines, Best Lines

Conference Eastern
Division Atlantic
Founded 1909
History Montreal Canadiens 1910–1917 (NHA), 1917–present (NHL)
Arena Bell Centre
Stanley Cups 24 (1915–16, 1923–24, 1929–30, 1930–31, 1943–44, 1945–46, 1952–53, 1955–56, 1956–57, 1957–58, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1964–65, 1965–66, 1967–68, 1968–69, 1970–71, 1972–73, 1975–76, 1976–77, 1977–78, 1978–79, 1985–86, 1992–93)
Conference Titles 8 (1975–76, 1976–77, 1977–78, 1978–79, 1980–81, 1985–86, 1988–89, 1992–93)

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Montreal Canadiens Recent History, News & Betting Odds

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