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PFL Professional Fighters League | MMA Betting Lines

PFL Professional Fighters League | MMA Betting Lines

There are currently no lines available for this sport. Either there are no odds open to bet on, or the sport is not in season at this time. You can check back soon or bet on any of the online sportsbook lines and betting odds listed below:


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PFL Professional Fighters League Odds | Current PFL Betting Lines


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My bookie does not payout!!

1.0 rating
4 hours ago

I won 4,800 dollars with MyBookie and they don’t want to payout my money. I spoke with Butch and he was covert argumentative and even called me “Billy Badass” that is not how you treat clients at all. I deposit a lot and when I win I expect to be paid out. He was telling me that he was not going to pay me out because I had been betting to many Prop bets and first and second half games and I needed to bet full games….?? How does that make any sense? I said okay well let me get my payout of the money I’m owed and I just won’t bet anymore with y’all. He told me I wasn’t going to get my money and that I had to bet over 116,000 dollars to even receive a penny. This is seriously crooked. You should not run a business this way. Especially over 4,800 dollars. I hope someone can resolve this issue.

Jared Sepulveda

Fast and knowledgeable people

5.0 rating
21 hours ago

I want to clarify some some points i got mistaken with my previous post.
I wrote some things out of frustrations and confusion . I said i never got paid but in fact i did .
Customer service was able to track it with the times and dates and after looking into my bitcoin account i was able to match it put because but since i wasnt able to see my history i was under the understanding that i never did but in fact i did in the past. My apologies
As for never getting called from management i probably did but because i didn’t recognize the number i probably didn’t answer and so that explains why .
I have to say i really do enjoy there platform when it comes to betting sports and horse racing.
My most recent conversation with Butch was very satisfying
he was understanding of my frustration but i have to say it was my fault because i never picked up the phone when it was him calling but i thouhgt it was some teller marketer . my apologies to Mr. Butch .
All in all the site is great .

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